Influencing Safe Behaviour

Course Overview

Behaviour is at the core of an organisation’s Safety Culture. Work groups, large and small, develop a ‘culture’ - shared attitudes, beliefs and ways of behaving. Influencing the behaviour of the people who make up the organisation is critical to achieving a positive Safety Culture.

People bring to their job personal attributes – skills, knowledge, habits, attitudes, life experiences and much more – any of which can be a strength or weakness, depending on task demands.

Individual characteristics influence behaviour in complex and significant ways. Some characteristics, life experiences for example, are fixed and cannot be changed. Others, such as skills and attitudes, can be developed or enhanced. Even characteristics once thought to be unchangeable, such as the habitual behaviour patterns we refer to as personality, can be changed when appropriate effort is invested.

Motivation, knowledge and skills are important determinants of safe behaviour. Leaders’ capacity to provide feedback, hold accountable and coach in ways that build and maintain positive working relationships is critical to the development of those qualities in the people they lead. The education and training of leaders is therefore vital.

This practical hands-on course utilising Actors and Case Studies will provide you with critical knowledge and skills on how to influence safe behaviour.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how thinking and emotions work together to influence behaviour
  • Understand the role of three basic human needs in developing robust working relationships
  • Understand how human error impacts on safety
  • Obtain practical ideas on what can be done to influence safe behaviour


On Completion

On successful completion of this course, a Certificate of Participation will be issued.


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