Marine VHF Radio Licence

Course Overview

Elect Training & Consulting provide the examination for the Short Range Operators Certificate of Proficiency (SROCP). All marine radio users, except those operating 27MHz maritime radio stations, must be qualified. Obtaining your Marine VHF Radio License is an easy process.

Step One: Study the Marine VHF Radio Operators Handbook. The handbook can be found on the Australian Maritime College website.
Step Two: Watch and study the educational videos.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) have produced a range of educational videos on how to operate your VHF marine radio correctly:

Step Three: Answer the practice questions which can be found at the Australian Maritime College website.
Step Four: Familiarise yourself with the operation of a VHF Marine Radio and practice.
Step Five: Contact Elect Training & Consulting to arrange your assessment. Email or phone (08) 9314 1173. Examinations held daily.


Examination Process

The examination consists of two components;

  1. A practical component
  2. A written component (25 multiple-choice questions requiring a 70% pass mark)

The practical assessment requires the candidate to demonstrate their ability to use a Marine VHF Radio. The candidate must be able to turn the VHF Marine Radio on and off, set the channel and also demonstrate setting the channel for dual watch. The candidate must be able to adjust the volume, power and background noise. The candidate must demonstrate a Mayday call and message. The candidate must demonstrate logging in and out with a marine rescue group and be able to make routine calls. The candidate will also need to demonstrate an understanding of Digital Selective Calling (DSC) operating procedures and distress alert.
A VHF Marine radio with DSC capability will be provided for the practical examination.


On Completion

On completion of the examination the examination pack will be returned to the Australian Maritime College, Office of Maritime Communications (OMC) for marking.

OMC has a service level standard of 15 working days to process and dispatch results from the date of receipt of the completed examination pack, including the completed Examination Lodgement form, provided that all requirements have been met.


Other Information

Candidates for examination must provide photo identification such as a drivers licence. Candidates must be able to prove that they are 16 years or older at the time of examination. Candidates must supply a current, colour passport size photograph of themselves (no hats, sunglasses or other obstruction).


At a Glance


Allow 2 Hours

Saturdays 9.00am

Additional times can be arranged on request

North Fremantle