The Journey Program™


Course Overview

The JOURNEY Program™ is a practical “common sense” Safety Leadership program that will change the way your people handle teamwork, safety and risk.

The JOURNEY Program™ is essential professional development for leaders of all kinds –Executives, Frontline Supervisors, Safety Advisors, and shop-floor Team Members.

It applies the latest behavioural learning techniques, supported by proven business and leadership tools, to address the challenge of occupational health and safety across the business. This powerful suite of resources give participants the knowledge and skill they need to manage injury risk, a method to clearly and effectively communicate about it, and a feedback system to assess and respond to performance. It challenges and affects the way people as individuals make decisions, behave, lead and live with regard to risk.

The elements of the program are fully customisable for your organisations needs, scheduling and budget.

The Journey Program™ offers a flexible, structured curriculum that typically runs over forty hours (supervisors). The content is divided into eight half-day small group workshops, each of which is followed by personal coaching for individual participants. Coaching is a vital part of the Journey Program™ and is done in the field, where employees benefit most. This aspect sets the Journey Program™ apart from many other training courses because it provides participants with the one-on-one practical support they need to get the most of their new skills and helps embed a true safety culture.

The course develops skills that can be immediately applied, illustrated by real-world examples from the workplace. There is ample opportunity for participants to practice new techniques, work as a team and develop their communication style in a safe environment. Participants are evaluated during each workshop and their performance provides the focus for personal coaching sessions that follow.

Journey coaches have years of technical and industry experience. Each one has a passion for preventing harm and excellent communication skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Journey Program™ for Supervisors – A leadership skills development program providing the leader with a suite of practical tolls for teem engagement, with a focus on injury prevention.

  • Journey Program™ for Safety Leaders – A program to equip safety leaders with technical and leadership enabling effective risk management advice to be communicated to the leadership team.

  • Journey Program™ for Team Members – A series of Journey Program™ tools to assist the delivery of a consistent message to employees.

  • Journey Program™ for Managers – A short version of the Journey Program™ to enable the senior Managers to have a clear understanding of the Journey Program™.


On Completion

On successful completion of the JOURNEY Program™ participants will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.


Other Information

The JOURNEY Program™ was created by Dr Marcus Cattani, one of Australia’s leading occupational health and safety specialists. The JOURNEY Program™ is the culmination of his 25 years’ experience helping high risk businesses – in utilities including power stations, mining, chemicals, manufacturing and aerospace – to reduce their exposure to the devastating cost of safety failure.


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