Weather Safety Training

Course Overview

Working outdoors exposes workers to various hazards associated with weather. This includes the strength and direction of the wind. Will it rain? And if so for how long and how much? Will the day be hot or cold and to what extreme? What are the sea conditions and will they change? Is lightning forecast in the area that we will be working?

Having an understanding of weather is important to allow workers and supervisors to be able to identify the hazards, assess the risk and put in place the appropriate controls to manage those risks.

Workers and Supervisors need to be able to access weather information and be able to understand what the information is telling them and be able to apply that information in the context of the work that they will be undertaking. This includes having an understanding of severe weather and the risks associated with extreme weather events such as flooding, fire and cyclones.

Risks assessments and the planning of the work, need to take into account the weather conditions and how the weather conditions may change. Workers and Supervisors must be able to monitor the weather and be able to apply that knowledge and make the changes necessary throughout the period of their work in order to keep them safe.

This one day course is presented in an engaging interactive way by an experienced meteorologist at your workplace or at one of our training centres.


Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a basic overview and understanding of weather 
  • Gain a basic understanding of the Weather Map and be able to translate to likely local weather conditions 
  • Know how to access weather information  
  • Gain a better understanding of forecast products available and how to interpret weather forecasts


On Completion

On completion of the Weather Safety Training Course participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.


Other Information

Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops, tablets and smart phones to use during the course.


At a Glance

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1 Day

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At your workplace, or at one of our training centres