Safety and Health Committees

Course Overview

Safety and health committees can be an effective part of a safety and health consultation system at the workplace because they provide a forum for employers and representatives of employees to regularly discuss and make recommendations on safety and health issues. They may assist the employer to meet their obligation to consult employees on safety and health matters.

Safety and health committees can bring management and employee representatives together in a planned, structured and focused way, providing a means for developing policies and procedures of significance to the whole organisation.

A safety and health committee can be established if any employee requests a committee, or the employer decides to establish one. Each workplace can choose the best committee structure to suit their operation.

Workplaces can also choose the composition of their occupational safety and health committee provided the safety and health committee is made up of half or more worker representatives.
The committee may include elected safety and health representatives and also may have other workers elected by the workers to represent them.


Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to explain the consultation and cooperation requirements between employers and workers
  • Assist with initiating, developing and implementing safety and health measures
  • Understand the importance of keeping informed about safety and health standards in similar workplaces
  • Make recommendations on safety and health rules, programs, measures and procedures
  • Consider and make recommendations about changes that may affect the safety and health of workers
  • Consider matters referred to it by safety and health representatives


On Completion

On completion of the Safety and Health Committee Course, participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.


Other Information

This course refers to the Guidance Note for Formal Consultative Processes at the Workplace 2006.


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