WorkSafe Plan

Elect Training and Consulting can provide a formal assessment conducted by an independent Worksafe Plan assessor of your occupational safety and health system

The WorkSafe Plan is an audit and assessment process that can be used to rate safety and health management systems. It can be used for auditing to provide information and ratings on the extent to which an organisation has implemented a systematic approach to the management of safety and health and the extent to which an organisation is complying with some of the legislative requirements..

WorkSafe Plan Certificates of Achievement may be awarded by WorkSafe to organisations providing they meet certain requirements.

The WorkSafe Plan has five elements and each one has a standard that describes the performance expected for that element.

The five elements are:

1. Management commitment;
2. Planning;
3. Consultation and reporting;
4. Hazard management; and
5. Training and supervision.

Each element has several indicators that are used to measure the extent to which the standards have been achieved.
WorkSafe encourages best practice by presenting WorkSafe Plan Certificates of Achievement to organisations that have undertaken an independent assessment and have achieved high ratings in each element of the WorkSafe Plan and rates of work-related injury and disease that are reducing, or kept at low levels.

WorkSafe Plan Certificates of Achievement are presented at three levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver Certificates are for organisations meeting minimum standards. Gold Certificates are for organisations demonstrating good progress toward a best practice approach to safety and health management, and Platinum Certificates are for those organisations that achieve the highest standards.

Please note that workplaces must be within the jurisdiction of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 to be eligible. Business covered under the Mines Safety Inspection Act 1994, the Commonwealth legislation, or in other states or territories are ineligible.