Safety and Health Representatives, key to improving safety.

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A Safety and Health Representative can improve Safety within the workplace like no other person can.

Safety and Health Representatives or Safety Reps are elected by co-workers to represent them in consultation about safety and health matters with the employer.

The one key ingredient required for this role is a passion to make the workplace safer. There are many other skills that will certainly help the Safety Rep be successful. The ability to communicate is one of the most important.

A Safety Rep must be able to communicate with their peers and with management. An important part of good communication is being able to listen.

A Safety and Health Representative needs to be able to see both sides and be able to influence others to improve safety.

The Safety Rep is in a position to be able see the whole picture and be able to offer a unique perspective.

Companies wishing to support their Safety Reps should not only provide the opportunity to attend the training for Safety and Health Representatives, but also provide other professional development opportunities. What a Safety and Health Representative needs to support them will be different for each person.

The first term for a Safety Representative is usually a big learning experience. A great way to take advantage of their skills, knowledge and experience to improve safety in the workplace is to elect them back in for a second term.

It is no surprise that Safety Reps often go on to make excellent Safety Practitioners and Safety Professionals.